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Downhill skiing on glaciers or remote mountains reached by helicopter.

[heli(copter) + skiing, gerund of ski.]


(ˈhɛl ɪˌski ɪŋ)
skiing on remote mountains to which the participants are brought by helicopter.


nHeliskiing nt (Skifahren mit einem Hubschrauber, der den Skifahrer auf den Gipfel fliegt)
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Heli skiing and hot air ballooning are also on offer.
Amongst other services offered by the advance fleet of Prabhatam Aviation Helicopters, some amongst the many include Air Taxi, Air Ambulance, Security and surveillance of power transmission line and pipelines, home land services, insecticide spray and heli skiing fostering adventure sports tourism.
I've enjoyed heli skiing at resorts around Europe and the US and if I was creating my powder hunter bucket list, La Plagne would not have been on it.
Heli skiing involves helicopters and skiers fly to their starting point.
Winters are the right time to go for heli skiing, of course, some people like to go for spring skiing because the days are longer and warmer, and the presence of soft 'corn' snow.
Last Frontier has two operations based in Northern British Columbia, specialize in taking small groups in the largest heli skiing area on this planet.
After dark, as well as being able to throw ourselves down the slopes in inflatable tyres on an exhilarating evening excursion, the region also offers the chance to go ballooning, heli skiing, mushing, mountain-top scuba diving, snow biking, snow shoe walking, paintballing, ice karting and experience the Audi snow and ice driving school.
When buying travel insurance make sure it covers all activities you might participate in such as sleigh rides, heli skiing and snowboarding.
The real draw of the area, though, is the out-of-bounds terrain above the lifts, which you can reach with a guide a heli skiing is available as well a or on your own.