Helianthus tuberosus

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Noun1.Helianthus tuberosus - tall perennial with hairy stems and leavesHelianthus tuberosus - tall perennial with hairy stems and leaves; widely cultivated for its large irregular edible tubers
helianthus, sunflower - any plant of the genus Helianthus having large flower heads with dark disk florets and showy yellow rays
Jerusalem artichoke - edible tuber of the Jerusalem artichoke
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First report of Golovinomyces cichoracearum associated with powdery mildew on Helianthus tuberosus in Korea.
1: Contenido de fructanos en diferentes plantas NOMBRE CIENTIFICO NOMBRE COMUN FRUCTANO PORCENTAJE Cichorium intybus Achicoria inulina 16-20 Helianthus tuberosus Topinambur inulina 15-20 Dahlia spp Dahlia inulina 14 Smallanthus sonchifolius Yacon Fructo- 9-12 oligosacarido Allium sativum Ajo inulina 9-11 Allium cepa Cebolla inulina 2-6 Asparagus officinalis Esparrago inulina 2-3 Triticum spp Trigo inulina 1-6 Musa spp Platano inulina 0.
Its botanical name is Helianthus tuberosus, making it a close relative of the annual sunflower, as can be seen from its habit - it will reach 6ft or more - and its foliage.
The mechanism of fructosan metabolism in higher plants as exemplified in Helianthus tuberosus.