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Any of numerous plants in the tropical genus Heliconia, often cultivated for their showy inflorescences with bright red, orange, or yellow bracts.

[New Latin Helicōnia, genus name, coined by Carolus Linnaeus after Greek Helikōn, Helicon, the mountain in Greece where the Muses were said to dwell (in punning reference to the fact that species of the genus Heliconia resemble banana plants, classified in the closely related genus Musa).]


(Plants) any of a genus of tropical flowering plants with long flowering panicles. Also called: lobster-claw
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EDBI, Karst Peak Capital, Heliconia, Heritas and other investors also participated in the round.
This financing round was led by Temasek, EDBI, Karst Peak Capital, Heliconia, Heritas and other investors.
El policultivo tradicional se manifesto en 83% y el sistema policultivo comercial, con asociacion de velillo (Musa acuminata), Macadamia (Macadmaia spp), aguacate (Persea americana), Heliconia (Heliconia L), entre otras especies represento el 17% (Figura 1).
SPRIGS, FRONDS AND SPRAYS Unlike Rousseau's jungle, in the student work below, the plants may be identifiable: a Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) in the upper left, a red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) in the upper right, blue flowers in the lower left reminiscent of Vanda coerulea orchids, and perhaps Heliconia in the lower right.
En Mensajeros de Heliconia, Gabriel Trujillo Munoz senala que desde la decada anterior se habia registrado una mayor publicacion de cuento incluso por encima de libros de poesia.
Many insects were observed in a feeding position with forelegs extending out into the air like the Central American species Mahanarva costaricensis (Distant) (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) (Carvalho & Webb 2005) on Heliconia spp.
Les deux envoyes de la Federation tunisienne prendront connaissance egalement des installations sportives et des commodites mis en place par la commission d'organisation, notamment l'hotel Le Royal Heliconia Bongoville, lieu de residence des joueurs du onze national.
Founded in 2005, Razer is backed by Intel Capital, IDG-Accel and Heliconia Capital Management (Heliconia), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore investment company Temasek.
En septiembre de 2010 se observaron raspaduras considerables en las bracteas de inflorescencias y en el follaje del hibrido Heliconia psittacorum x H.
The vase life of the inflorescence can vary considerably (15 to 30 days) like the other exotic tropical ornamentals such as Heliconia sp.