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"Whether that's the panda parent, the helicopter parent, the tiger parent, the activity parent or what some see as 'the perfect parent' - we can all learn something new from each other."
Comments from a "helicopter parent": "By definition, a helicopter parent is 'a parent who takes an over-protective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.' As a parent to two children with special needs, I don't see being over-protective as a bad thing.
So being a Tiger Mum or Helicopter Parent, who oversees every part of their child's life, became a way to guarantee that success.
A helicopter parent of a toddler might constantly shadow the child always playing with and directing their behavior allowing them zero time alone to explore and learn on their own.
The term 'helicopter parent' has come into vogue of late.
You're a neurotic helicopter parent or a free-range neglectful moron (these things are totally contradictory, hi), and you cannot win.
Many of the new programs that we see implemented on our campuses, such as emailing students to remind them to sign up for new-student orientation and other pre-matriculation requirements, look a lot like the kind of behavior we would expect to see from a helicopter parent. These prompts seem to help a small percentage of students enroll in college who would not otherwise have done so, but we worry that students who need such prompts won't be able to navigate the demands of college life without a benevolent Big Brother constantly sending reminder emails.
No doubt you've heard of the helicopter parent -- the ones who hover over their children, protecting them from harm, insult and just about any form of adversity.
A highly representative example of the above statement is provided by the compound helicopter parent ("a parent who takes an excessive and overprotective interest in the life of his or her child, esp.
Several sources said Bell Helicopter parent Textron had submitted a bid for Sikorsky, but dropped out after the price rose.
Instead, it is a classic twenty-first century, First World label: A 'helicopter parent' is someone who hovers constantly around their child, supervising their every move and experience.
A helicopter parent is a parent, guardian, or caregiver who is deeply involved in his or her child's educational experiences, particularly at school.
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