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n.1.(Paleon.) A fossil coral of the genus Heliolites, having twelve-rayed cells. It is found in the Silurian rocks.
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The candle holder is a much more unusual type of dichroic glass, also developed by Moser, and called by them Heliolite.
collatatus (71% of the specimens infested) over Heliolites sp.
In Baltica Chaetosalpinx has hitherto been reported from Favosites vicinalis (Stel 1976), Heliolites sp.
The crenulation of the corallite wall and the occurrence of septa in corallites of Heliolites interstinctus (Pl.
Density banding in the current study is visible only in the spacing of tabulae in halysitids, favositids, and in Heliolites sp.
The tabulate coral fauna of the Tirekhtyakh Regional Stage is richest in the limestones of the middle part of unit O in the Mirny Creek section and contains mostly endemic species of Agetolites, Paleofavosites, Mesofavosites, Catenipora, Heliolites, Plasmoporella, Rhaphidophyllum, Propora, and other genera (Preobrazhenskij 1966; Koren' et al.