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Noun1.Heliozoa - mostly freshwater protozoa
animal order - the order of animals
Actinopoda, subclass Actinopoda - heliozoans; radiolarians
heliozoan - protozoa with spherical bodies and stiff radiating pseudopods
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These samples also contained heliozoans and other scaled protistans as part of their plankton.
Included are the descriptions of two new heliozoan species: Acanthocystis durrschmidtidae and Pterocystis mikrjukovii.
Despite the phylogenetic distinctiveness of the two groups, the phenetic boundary between the Neomonada and Cercozoa is particularly unclear, as are the affinities of the various heliozoans. Though future studies may also require the transfer of a few minor taxa from the Protozoa to the kingdom Chromista, the circumscription of the kingdom Protozoa as a whole will probably be more stable in the future than in the recent past.