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 (hĕl′ēn′) also Hel·le·ni·an (hĕ-lē′nē-ən)
A Greek.

[Greek Hellēn.]
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The spring 2010 issue of Windows, a bulletin from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library, reports on work by the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center to digitize the yearbooks The Hellenian and Yackety Yack as well as early issues of the Carolina Alumni Review.
128 reveals that Justin does not call the doctrine he is criticizing in this passage "Jewish." He may be aware that Trypho, his teachers, and the hypothetical Jewish interlocutors of his readers, would not claim these views as their own either, just as he recognizes that they "would not acknowledge as Jews the Sadducees or the similar sects of the Genistae, Meristae, Galilaeans, Hellenians, and the Baptist Pharisees." (27) But Justin does not claim it as a Christian opinion either.
"The Greek seems to be, in a great measure, a simple, uncompounded language, formed from the primitive jargon of those wandering savages, the ancient Hellenians and Pelasgians, from whom the Greek nation is said to have been descended.