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1. A devilish person; a fiend.
2. Greek Mythology Cerberus, the watchdog of Hades.


1. a hound of hell
2. a fiend



1. a mythical watchdog of the underworld, as Cerberus.
2. a fiendish person.
[before 900]
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Noun1.hellhound - a very evil man
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
2.hellhound - (Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hadeshellhound - (Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades; son of Typhon
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
mythical creature, mythical monster - a monster renowned in folklore and myth
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Rooney Anne James, Mario Esteban and the Blessed Hellhounds, Scott Samuels, The Shifty Eyed Dogs, Super Buffet, Steve Rosenbaum.
First Snuffe reenters and mistakes the corpse of Borachio for Soquette, and flees crying murder; he is followed by D'Amville "distractedly," apparently having mistaken Charlemont in the false beard for the ghost of Montferrers, and so imagines a Faustus-like apprehension by "Black Beelzebub / And all his hellhounds.
The hellhounds are still on the trail, and music and words are the weapons we have to hold them off.
This made a strange seizure upon my spirit; it brought light with it, and commanded a silence in my heart of all those tumultuous thoughts that before did use, like masterless hellhounds to roar and bellow and make a hideous noise within me.
My youngest son William was fascinated by hellhounds and he was on the phone with (former showrunner) Sera Gamble explaining to him how hellhounds worked, which I thought was fascinating, too.
The images of the town itself are deliciously creepy, as the reckoning moves steadily towards Clementine and her friends, bringing with it hellhounds and fiends and fire across the sky.
com The Rory Gallagher Convention A tribute to the Irish blues/rock musician, featuring tribute bands Sinnerboy, Tony Dowler's Hellhounds and Brute Force and Ignorance.
His father operated a saloon, drank sixty shots a day while kibbutzing with the customers, and paid the penalty many a morning, screaming at hellhounds.
I first interviewed him after publication of The Wyrm, a modern spin on the legend of the Lambton Worm in which red-eyed hellhounds prowl around "shaking ectoplasm from their backs".
Captain Brown was no illiterate, backwoods simpleton with an innocent heart and an intuitive instinct for right action who performed the "simple act of lifting the long ancestral musket down from the deer-horns above the door" (272) to liberate the enslaved and blow the Dixie hellhounds off God's green earth, another stage for Ike of God's gradual removal of the "curse" on the South.
It has to do with our old blues singers who walked miles and miles of dirt road trying to establish a measure of identity for our people, trying to survive, trying to keep on keeping on, step by weary painful step, constantly dogged by murdering hellhounds snapping viciously on their heels.
There were hellhounds constantly on his trail and it just never seemed to be the right time.