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A chewy, white, brined Cypriot cheese, traditionally made from sheep's and goat's milk, that is often served grilled or fried.

[Modern Greek khalloúmi, from Cypriot Maronite Arabic xallúm, from Arabic ḥalūm, mild white cheese, from ḥaluma, to be gentle, mild.]


(həˈluːmɪ) or


(Cookery) a salty white sheep's-milk cheese from Greece or Turkey, usually eaten grilled
[probably from Arabic haluma be mild]
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Squeaky slices of grilled hellim cheese and brick-red spiced sucuk sausage were more authentic, but also harder to get wrong.
My girlfriend chose the Hellim (PS3.20), a Cypriot haloumi-style cheese served simply on lettuce.
We also export dairy products such as hellim (a kind of local cheese), to some GCC states and we believe there is considerable room for closer ties in all spheres of life with the GCC states.
The hellim (goats cheese) was a bit rubbery but we happily tucked into the delicious sucuk (spicy sausage) and fel a fel (deep-fried balls of chopped peppers, broad beans, chickpeas, dill and mint) and wished there had been more.
MEALS start with "meze" - a selection of hot and cold dishes including humus, cacik prepared from yoghurt and mint, grilled hellim (goats' cheese), tahin dip made of sesame paste and lemon juice, and chakizdez, green olives crushed in salt water.
In particular, the consensus provided that "the European Commission will adopt a proposal to amend the Green Line Regulation on the same day as the official publication of the official application for the registration of Halloumi / Hellim as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Regulation No.
For instances it wanted the hellim produced by the Turkish Cypriots to be exported via the Republic's port's because otherwise the door to direct trade of the north with the rest of the world would be opened.
Vegetarians and carnivores alike can dip into meze starters - normally up to a dozen trays of hellim (fried cheese) humus, olives, sigara boregi (filled filo pastry) and fish delicacies, often enough for a entire meal.
First, if the hellim produced in the north, was not exported through the legal ports of the Republic and left the island, certified and approved from the pseudo-state, it would "put into practice direct trade, as desired by the Commission, leading to the Taiwanification of the pseudo-state." The danger of Taiwanification -- the pseudo-state having links with the outside world, without being recognised, like Taiwan -- is the reason most foreign ministry officials never get a good night's sleep.
There is also a fear that the EU will allow the Turkish Cypriots to directly export halloumi, or hellim as it is called in Turkish, without going through the recognized ports of the Republic.
One of the amendments Nicosia has requested to the 2015 agreement is for the Commission, in tandem with the approval of halloulmi / hellim as a PDO, to amend the Green Line Regulation so that the halloumi produced by the TC community is exported from legal ports and airports of the Republic of Cyprus.
An agreement was reported to have been made to overcome any implications caused by the Green Line trade agreement, allowing Turkish Cypriots to produce and export Halloumi, or Hellim, as it is called in Turkish, to the EU.