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The German word for hell--Ho"lle--sounds more like HELLY than anything else; therefore, how necessary chipper, frivolous, and unimpressive it is.
Huband added that the group had written twice to the Up Helly Aa committee last year in support of girls and women who would like to join squads, with no response forthcoming.
Look north and you'll see that on Shetland they have January sorted as a result of the magnificent Up Helly Aa Viking festival.
Costumed "guizers" with axes and shields marched through the town to recreate its ancient past during Up Helly Aa - Europe's biggest fire festival.
He was wearing a blue or black baseball cap, a dark blue Helly Hansen puffer jacket with a white logo on the breast and black tracksuit bottoms.
The gang, all aged around 17 or 18, then pinned him down and pulled off his trousers, Reebok trainers and Helly Hansen jacket.
Cal Difalco, Horwich CC, was second and third place went to Amy Hunt (Helly Hansen).
He has a local accent and was wearing a blue Helly Hansen zip-up jacket with white piping and dark trousers.
But at next year's Up Helly Aa, numbers will be boosted by a new Scandinavian connection.
TV adventurer Ben Fogle has abandoned a return visit to Shetland's famous fire festival Up Helly Aa.
They range from Scotland's own Up Helly Aa - when the people of Lerwick dress as Viking warriors before setting fire to a replica Viking ship - to Roswell, New Mexico's UFO festival when enthusiasts dress as aliens.
Boys from right across Shetland are now being allowed to take part in the Junior Lerwick Up Helly Aa.