Helm down

helm alee.

See also: Helm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
We can't keep her full and bye, sir; watch her ever so close, she will fall off and then, sir, when I put the helm down so gently, and try like to coax her to the work, she won't take it kindly, but will fall round off again; and it's all because she knows the land is under the lee, sir, and she won't go any more to windward.' Aye, and why should she, Jack?
If he were drifting to starboard, you might put your helm down hard the other way, if it were any satisfaction to you to do it, but he would continue to drift to starboard all the same.
Burns to put the helm down and let both anchors go one after another, leaving the ship to take as much cable as she wanted.
But the leadership, diplomacy and communication skills he demonstrated in dealing with referee Steve Walsh told Gatland that here was the person to take the helm Down Under.
It was Williams' decision to turn down the captaincy that opened the door for Charvis to take the helm Down Under - and he feels his back-row colleague has proved the ideal man for the role.
EDINBURGH favourite Trendy Wendy is at the helm down Ocean Terminal way for The White Christmas Masked Ball on December 14.
He must surely now have secured his position at the helm down south for another season after suffering a desperate defeat to Waterford last time out.