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helm 1

1. Nautical The steering gear of a ship, especially the tiller or wheel.
2. A position of leadership or control: at the helm of the government.
tr.v. helmed, helm·ing, helms
To take the helm of; steer or direct.

[Middle English, from Old English helma.]

helm′er n.

helm 2

 (hĕlm) Archaic
A helmet.
tr.v. helmed, helm·ing, helms
To cover or furnish with a helmet.

[Middle English, from Old English; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Film) informal a film director
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For example, 'Should Nora Helmer -Ibsen's heroine -be praised or blamed for leaving her husband and children in order to fulfil her sense of personal freedom?
The Germans got another boost with the news that defender Thomas Helmer should return next Friday against Luxembourg in Germany's final game before their World Cup opener against the USA on June 15.
Janet McTeer won a best-actress Tony for her performance as Nora Helmer and her co-star, Owen Teel, was named best actor in a featured role for his performance as Torvald Helmer.
Mexican helmer Amat Escalante received the directing nod for tough drama "Heli," while Berenice Bejo took the actress award for Asghar Farhadi's "The Past" The jury prize went to "Like Father, Like Son," Japanese helmer Hirokazu Koreeda's delicate drama, while Chinese writer-director Jia Zhangke was given the screenplay prize for "A Touch of Sin.
Shocked Euro MP Roger Helmer says it reveals just one example of state-generated anti-US propaganda, following a week-long trip.
And with the likelihood of 22 languages after EU enlargement - with each language having to be translated into every other one - the situation will become unmanageable, said Roger Helmer, Member for the East Midlands.
A gossamer debut feature that compensates for its lo-fi look with glimpses of profound humanism, Chinese tyro helmer Song Fang's "Memories Look at Me" explores how recollections of the past inform and create familial cohesion in the present.
Francois Helmer scored a third Saints try but Bedford hit back with two converted tries just before half-time to reduce the deficit to 16-12.
Others include Turkish arranged-marriage drama "Night of Silence," by helmer Reis Celik, in which a 14-year-old girl is to become the bride of an over-60 criminal; U.