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a.1.Destitute of a helmet.
2.Without a helm or rudder.
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Initially, the dreamy experiences have seemed as pointless as those of the poet's waking life, as when he reports a troubling and unhelpful dream in section 4: "To Sleep I give my powers away; / My will is bondsman to the dark; / I sit within a helmless bark" (4.
Boccaccio inserts a bravura segment about the smashing together of the helmless vessels: 'Hinc disiuncta classis, turbati remiges, ablata cum malis vela, et semoti ab officiis naute; nec mora illidi naves invicem, undis concuti vel assummi, scopulis infringi' (I.
And now my spirit sees The crack'd and founder'd navy of thy foes All helmless drift on shores how like to these