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Noun1.Helotiales - order of fungi having asci in a disk-shaped to goblet-shaped apothecium
fungus order - the order of fungi
family Helotiaceae, Helotiaceae - a fungus family of order Helotiales
family Sclerotiniaceae, Sclerotiniaceae - a fungus family of order Helotiales
Ascomycota, Ascomycotina, subdivision Ascomycota, subdivision Ascomycotina - a large subdivision of Eumycota including Hemiascomycetes and Plectomycetes and Pyrenomycetes and Discomycetes; sac fungi; in some classification systems considered a division of the kingdom Fungi
family Geoglossaceae, Geoglossaceae - a family of fungi belonging to the order Helotiales
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The article appears in Mycological Progress, volume 14, issue 2 (February 2015) and is entitled “Curviclavula, a new genus of anamorphic Helotiales (Leotiomycetes) isolated from air.