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Noun1.Helsingfors - the capital and largest city of FinlandHelsingfors - the capital and largest city of Finland; located in southern Finland; a major port and commercial and cultural center
Finland, Republic of Finland, Suomi - republic in northern Europe; achieved independence from Russia in 1917
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"And Helsingfors?" said Vronsky, entering into the conversation and glancing at Anna's smiling face.
"No, I didn't mean that, but the real thing." She would have said Helsingfors, but would not repeat the word used by Vronsky.
Former Kenyan international goalkeeper Arnold Origi says he is ready for the new challenge at top Finland side, Helsingfors IFK.
Laszlo Vincze, Helsingfors: Svenska social- och kommunalhogskolan vid Helsingfors universitet, 2013.