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1. Of or relating to Helvetia or the Helvetii.
2. Swiss.
1. One of the Helvetii.
2. A Swiss.

[From Latin Helvētius, from Helvētiī, Helvetii.]


1. (Historical Terms) of or relating to the Helvetii
2. (Peoples) another word for Swiss
3. (Placename) another word for Swiss
4. (Languages) another word for Swiss
5. (Peoples) a native or citizen of Switzerland
6. (Historical Terms) a member of the Helvetii


(hɛlˈvi ʃən)

1. of or pertaining to the Helvetii.
3. one of the Helvetii.
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And without waiting for her reply he threw himself into the arms of the Helvetian, who received him with great coldness.
No; I dream of something far beyond that pale-faced, excitable little Helvetian (by-the-by she has infinitely more of the nervous, mobile Parisienne in her than of the the robust 'jungfrau').
GOODWOOD: 2.00 Graphite Storm (won off 89 down 5lb to 84); 3.40 Guns of Leros (6lb); 4.10 Private Matter (3lb); Helvetian (4lb); Quench Dolly (10lb).
EPSOM SELECTIONS: 2.00 Alkaamel 2.35 Anna Nerium 3.10 Zaaki 3.45 Blue De Vega 4.30 Sir Dragonet (Nap) 5.15 Soto Sizzler 5.50 Helvetian
(1948), "The Accession of the Helvetian Federation to the Holy League: An Unpublished Bull of Pope Julius II of March 17, 1512", The Journal of Modern History, vol.
Prestbury Park and Joegogo are probably at their best from the front, while Helvetian thrives off a strong pace as he demonstrated when coming from a long way back to win easily at Kempton two starts ago.
The two English acceptors are Mick Channon's Bath winner Helvetian and the Tom Dascombetrained Frozen Angel, runner-up to Unfortunately in the Group 1 Prix Robert Papin last time.
The Middle Miocene of Helvetian and Tortonian stages can be traced in the Gobustan and Pre-Caspian Guba and in the inter-fluve of the Kura and Iori, where the Tortonian is spread to the Absheron region.
'Heimweh' is just redolent of home to Helvetian ears, certainly when set against some incomprehensible neo-Greek coinage.
Ray Gleason; THE HELVETIAN AFFAIR; Morgan James Fiction (Fiction: Historical) 18.95 ISBN: 9781630477028
In Helvetian fashion, the rifle looked more like a sporting arm than a military one.
The Hero of Switzerland, or Helvetian's Freedom, Comus.