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1. (Languages) Helvetian or Swiss
2. (Peoples) Helvetian or Swiss
3. (Protestantism) of or relating to the Helvetic Confessions or to Swiss Protestantism
(Protestantism) a Swiss Protestant or reformed Calvinist who subscribes to one of the two Helvetic Confessions (of faith) formulated in 1536 and 1566


(hɛlˈvi ʃən)

1. of or pertaining to the Helvetii.
3. one of the Helvetii.
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In the Second Helvetic Confession (Chapter XVI, paragraph 6) there is an explication which clarifies that good works are not done in order to earn eternal life, or for ostentation, or for gain.
Furthermore, the recently implemented interface between CETS and the DER tour operator system Phoenix Unlimited, enables DER Touristik Suisse to utilize the CETS graphic interface to confidently offer the full range of the Groups Kuoni brand and Helvetic Tours offers as well as specialist brands like Manta Reisen, Privat Safaris, asia365, railtour and Frantour, empowering it to provide personalised travel experiences for its customers.
The book under review here, a collection of essays on the Batavian Republic (the Netherlands), the Helvetic Republic (Switzerland), and the various revolutionary regimes in Italy--especially the largest and most durable of them, the Cisalpine Republic--emphasizes constitutional theory, parliamentary practice, and the public sphere.
Resulta que en 2007 Bayrock abrio una sucursal en Amsterdam, la cual, asocia da con Khrapunov y la empresa suiza de su esposa, Helvetic Capital, creo la firma KazBay BV tambien en Holanda, que era una compania sin empleados ni actividad real; solo una direccion.
Nouvelles intrigues pseudo-clementines/ Plots in the Pseudo-Clementine Romance: Actes du deuxieme colloque international sur la litterature apocryphe chretienne, Lausanne-Geneve, 30 aout--2 septembre 2006 [Proceedings of the Second International Colloquium on Christian Apocryphal Literature, Lausanne and Geneva, 30 August--2 September 2006], Prahins, Helvetic Confederation: Editions du Zebre, 2008.
Azam, Synthesis, Characterization and Screening for Antiamoebic Activity of Palladium (II), Platinum (II) and Ruthenium (II) Complexes of NS Donor Ligands, Helvetic.
Since 2015, Helvetic has also scheduled weekly summer flights to the global financial and business hub, Zurich.
The judges pointed out the revolutionary concept of Helvetic Dental Clinics tailoring every aspect to suit and integrate a hotel (12 Revay) and a world class dental clinic and its lab in a historical building in the heart of Budapest.
Particularly notable is the presence of Swiss carriers due to the large number of Macedonians working in Switzerland, with Edelweiss Air, Air Berlin's Belair, Helvetic Airways and Holidayjet (operated by Germania Flug) all connecting SKP to Zurich.
If Helvetic governments have historically invested in national multilingualism, contemporary Switzerland continues to focus on multilingualism to maintain the privileged position occupied by its economy on global markets.
Among the contracts signed this year by SR Technics was one with Helvetic Airways for servicing of the airline's fleet of seven Embraer 190 aircraft, the first of which the airline took delivery of last December.
Summary: The Helvetic Republic, aka Switzerland, is historically a zebra-less zone.