Hemerocallis flava

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Noun1.Hemerocallis flava - a day lily with yellow flowersHemerocallis flava - a day lily with yellow flowers  
genus Hemerocallis, Hemerocallis - east Asian rhizomatous clump-forming perennial herbs having flowers on long leafless stalks; cosmopolitan in cultivation: day lilies; sometimes placed in subfamily Hemerocallidaceae
daylily, day lily - any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day
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The yellow flowers and arching foliage of Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus look perfect with the low rosettes and big yellow daisies of Doronicum 'Harpur Crewe' and the broad blue flowers and clumps of maidenhair foliage on Aquilegia 'Hensol Harebell'.