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n. hemitiroidectomía, excisión de un lóbulo de la glándula tiroides.
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One patient among left-sided solitary nodule had undergone right hemithyroidectomy ten years prior and presented with a recurrent nodule on the left side.
Patients had undergone either a hemithyroidectomy, a subtotal thyroidectomy, or a total thyroidectomy based on pre- and intraoperative find ings.
The patient was subsequently found to have metastases to the left lobe of her thyroid for which she underwent left hemithyroidectomy in 2002.
5) diameter (cm) Techniques employed Hemithyroidectomy (%) 127 (81.
2001) Hemithyroidectomy in a horse with confirmed hyperthyroidism.
In this high-risk group, repeating the fine-needle aspiration biopsy or performing a diagnostic hemithyroidectomy might be reasonable even when the gene expression classifier suggests a benign nodule, said Dr.
Total thyroidectomy was carried out in one patient (6%) while hemithyroidectomy was done in another patient (6%).
Because the patient had obstructive symptoms and follicular lesion on FNAB, right hemithyroidectomy and isthmectomy was done and histopathology findings were compatible with colloid goiter.
Treatment options were discussed and he was listed for a diagnostic right hemithyroidectomy.
During the above mentioned study period, 140 patients underwent different thyroid operations ranging from hemithyroidectomy to total thyroidectomy.