hemming and hawing

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speaking hesitantly and inarticulately, with numerous pauses and interjections.

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The 65th Miss Universe competition, which the Philippines is hosting after much hemming and hawing on the part of organizers, now has the backing of the two only Philippine Miss Universe titlists before Pia Alonso Wurtzbach finally won the crown again for the country after four decades in 2015.
Behind the scenes, president Lyndon B Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) is hemming and hawing as to whether to accede to the movement's voting demands.
With 14 or 15 public works projects to start more or less simultaneously as the Aquino government's lasting gift to the people of the Philippines and it became so very obvious that "sacrifices" needed to be made by one and all, the call was out to hurry up - after months of hemming and hawing - the delivery of 48 new trains to add to the Metro Rail Transit.
In response Obama's hemming and hawing answer was presumably to be taken as either irony, humility, or both.
AFTER much hemming and hawing, the Shiv Sena finally dismantled the makeshift memorial for its chief Bal Thackeray from Shivaji Park on Tuesday.
At a time when you hear hemming and hawing nearly every day about which way the economy is headed.
A hurricane, a holiday, and hemming and hawing behind them, there was no more delaying the inevitable yesterday for students squeezing out the last sweet drops of leisure.
Too much of the dialogue consists of hemming and hawing about hemming and hawing; Brooks' screenplay is talky without saying anything, busy without accomplishing much, and the camerawork whisks us into nostril-and-eyebrow territory for far too many close-ups.
When a reporter forces them to speak about her, it tends to provoke much staring at shoes, hemming and hawing, and ultimately some form of praise about the "energy" she brings to the party, reports Politico.
He captured the film's stressed, jerky footage entirely on digital, mostly with the Red One camera, which he says the producers picked after some hemming and hawing.
A White House spokesman grudgingly acknowledged the mishap some 22 hours after it happened but never did come completely clean about the delay and was still hemming and hawing on Monday.
The man began hemming and hawing and wouldn't give a direct answer.