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1. The percentage by volume of packed red blood cells in a given sample of blood after centrifugation.
2. A centrifuge used to determine the volume of blood cells and plasma in a given sample of blood.

[hemato- + Greek kritēs, judge (from krīnein, to judge; see krei- in Indo-European roots).]


(hɪˈmæt ə krɪt)

1. a centrifuge for separating the cells of the blood from the plasma.
2. Also called hemat′ocrit val`ue. the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to a given volume of blood so centrifuged, expressed as a percentage.
[1890–95; hemato- + -crit < Greek kritḗs judge (see criterion)]

hematocrit, haematocrit

a centrifuge used for separating blood cells from the plasma.
See also: Blood and Blood Vessels
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Noun1.hematocrit - the ratio of the volume occupied by packed red blood cells to the volume of the whole blood as measured by a hematocrit
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
2.hematocrit - a measuring instrument to determine (usually by centrifugation) the relative amounts of corpuscles and plasma in the blood
centrifuge, separator, extractor - an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate particles from a suspension
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something


n. hematócrito.
1. aparato centrifugador que se usa en la separación de células y partículas del plasma;
2. promedio de eritrocitos en la sangre.


n hematocrito
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43 x 109 cells/L) with hypereosinophilia (55%) and a hemocrit of 56.
With the exception of the PCV, the initial blood test results were unremarkable, and follow-up labwork consisted only of a recheck of the hemocrit.
The only reason it was performed was that the technology automatically recorded WBC when it evaluated hemoglobin and hemocrit.