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A cellular component of the blood, especially of an invertebrate.


(ˈhi məˌsaɪt)

a blood cell.
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Calreticulin from Pieris rapae (PrCRT) hemocytes was involved in immune- related phagocytosis of yeast cells and cellular encapsulation (Asgari and Schmidt 2003; Wang et al.
Induction of transcripts encoding the antimicrobial peptides virescein, heliomicin, heliocin, gloverin, and Hv-3-Tox, in the major immuneresponsive tissues of the fat bodies and hemocytes, by bacterial infection is reported here.
Hemocytes form the basis of insects' cell-mediated immunity.
Edema, hyperplasia of epithelial cells in the tubules, presence of brown vesicles, and an increase in hemocytes and necrosis, correlated with environmental pollutants, such as Cd (r=0.
Adalia bipunctata hemocytes are regularly infected with Rickettsia (30).
One hour after the final spawning, hemolymph was collected (black circles) for T2-T8, and hemocytes analyzed for DNA damage as described in the text.
An even more recent study found that a retrotransposon, "Steamer," is activated in the neoplastic hemocytes of M.
In insects, AMPs are constitutively expressed or highly inducible in response to bacterial infection by various epithelia of midgut and salivary glands, fat bodies and hemocytes in which they are secreted into the hemolymph.
Morphological characterization of hemocytes from Biomphalaria glabrata and Biophalaria straminea.