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 (hĭ-mŏl′ĭ-sĭn, hē′mə-lī′-)
An agent or substance, such as an antibody or a bacterial toxin, that causes the destruction of red blood cells, thereby liberating hemoglobin.


(hɪˈmɒl ɪ sɪn)

any substance in the blood that initiates the dissolution of red blood cells, as a bacterial toxin.
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Noun1.hemolysin - any substance that can cause lysis (destruction) of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and the release of their hemoglobin
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
streptolysin - any of several hemolysins derived from strains of streptococcus
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TST, as its name suggests causes toxic shock syndrome which is a life threatening condition and hemolysins lyze the red blood cells.
Proteases (caseinase and elastase), hemolysins, adhesion and susceptibility to antimicrobials of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolates obtained from clinical specimens.
aureus has many potential virulence factors that play an important part in spread of infections such as surface protein, hyaluronidase, protein A, hemolysins.
The category of cold hemolysins includes 2 distinct disease entities: cold agglutinin syndrome and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, either of which should demonstrate a DAT positive only with C3 antisera.
tubiashii produces several potential virulence factors associated with its pathogenic capacity including extracellular metalloproteases and toxins such as hemolysins, cytotoxins, and siderophores (Hasegawa et al.
The virulence of Aeromonas is considered multifactorial, as it is practically impossible to establish a hierarchy in the classification of its virulence factors according to their part in the disease process, and the following factors have been identified as virulence indicators: hemolysins, proteases, lipases, enterotoxins, gelatinases, elastases, among others (Rabaan, Gryllos, Tomas, & Shaw, 2001; Nam & John, 2007; Peixoto et al.
1999) as occurs with the tdh and trh hemolysins of the same species that are considered virulence factors in humans (Shirai et al.
The production of exoenzymes and hemolysins are defense mechanisms of microorganisms during their colonization and pathogenesis.
GAS produces two distinct hemolysins, streptolysin O (SLO) and streptolysin S (SLS).
9,10) These secretory proteins include hyaluronidases, hemolysins, and metalloproteinases, which spread open tissue planes and induce host immunological reactions, including vasodilation and peripheral hyper-eosinophilia in some cases.
It detects the production of enhanced hemolysis which occurs when [beta]-lysin and the hemolysins of GBS come in contact, making an arrow-shaped hemolysis pattern.
carterae Hulburt Produces hemolysins and ichthyotoxins * Bysmatrum caponii (Horiguchi et Not toxic Pienaar) Faust et Steidinger Cabra cf.