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Noun1.chicken coop - a farm building for housing poultrychicken coop - a farm building for housing poultry
farm building - a building on a farm
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After he had been overpowered by sleep, as on the former days, the mare and foal ran away and hid themselves in the royal hen house.
He saw a small wooden hut, made his way to it, and crept inside--"I am afraid it IS a hen house, but what can I do?
They must live together in a converted outbuilding or purpose-built hen house.
The Hen House is a traditional stone-built house, constructed about 15 years ago, and forms part of the small hamlet, Hetton-le-Hill Farm.
The outside space, mixed with sweeping views of the countryside, are coupled with a private terrace, hen house and pond.
Cluckingham Palace Hen house is home to our hens gives us fresh eggs every day.
The package will include a year's feed supply courtesy of The Smallholder Range and a Cube from trendy hen house manufacturer, Omlet.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- There are two proposed bills held in the hands of the ruling party right now, which would simultaneously allow the foxes the freedom to roam as they please, as Turkey is turned into one enormous hen house.
Among the project's earliest discoveries is of a Jewish tombstone that was repurposed and used as a hen house doormat in the small village of A1/2eA ov.
AN old hen house with a gin distillery, farm shop and ladies' waiting room has been crowned Shed of the Year.
On further reflection I believe that balled up bird netting, stuffed into openings in a hen house, might be a good way to trap snakes.