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(Biography) died ?488 ad, a leader, with his brother Horsa, of the first Jutish settlers in Britain; he is thought to have conquered Kent (?455)
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or Hen•gest

(ˈhɛŋ gɪst, ˈhɛn dʒɪst)

died A.D. 488?, chief of the Jutes: with his brother Horsa led invasion of S Britain c440.
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``Genuine Saxon, by the soul of Hengist!'' shouted Cedric ``And the sixth?'' he continued with eagerness ``how name you the sixth?''
An herb of the genus Lactuca , "Wherewith," says that pious gastronome, Hengist Pelly, "God has been pleased to reward the good and punish the wicked.
It supplies the names of the earliest Saxon leaders, Hengist and Horsa (who also figure in the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'), and narrates at length their treacherous dealings with Vortigern.
(24) Barrett Browning wrote Richard Hengist Horne that "my 'Cry of the Children' owes its utterances to your exciting causations" (BC, 7:274).
In two such manuscripts of Middleton's Hengist, King of Kent, the scribes are similarly inconsistent in making scene notations.
A'r sefyllfa Hengist a Horsa hon sydd yn gyfrifol am y tywallt gwaed anfaddeuol ar hyn o bryd.
Some poems, however, such as "The Lost Bower" (1844), point to the importance of the medieval contexts EBB was immersed in through her collaboration on Richard Hengist Horne's The Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer, Modernized (1841), while others like "A Vision of Poets" (1844) point to her knowledge of literature in several European languages.
Damian Love intriguingly posits the importance of Beowulf for the Idylls in "Hengist's Brood: Tennyson and the Anglo-Saxons" (Review of English Studies 60: 460-474), reminding us of Tennyson's translation of a Beowulf passage in the 1830s.
(25) On EBB's correspondence and collaborations with dramatist, essayist, and poet Richard Hengist Horne (1802-84), see BC 4:317-320.
She is also fond of providing new and lighter contexts for Hamlet's "though by your smiling you may seem to say so," for instance in challenging Richard Hengist Horne's ironic amusement at the news that EBB was having a portrait of herself painted (June 13, 1841; BC, 5:56).
The latter includes a brief and illuminating treatment of the unfinished lyrical drama EBB collaborated on with Richard Hengist Horne, Psyche Appocalypte..
Roughly speaking, the group included Philip James Bailey, Richard Hengist Home, Sydney Dobell, Alexander Smith, John Stanyan Bigg, Gerald Massey, J.