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 (hĕn′lē) or Hen·ley-on-Thames (-ŏn-tĕmz′, -ôn-)
A town of south-central England west of London, noted for its annual rowing regatta (established 1839).


n. pl. hen·leys
A collarless knit shirt with long or short sleeves and buttons extending partway down the front.

[After Henley, where such shirts were traditionally worn by crews rowing in the annual regatta held there.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a type of women's sweater with a wide neck and a buttoned placket


(ˈhɛn li)


(ˈhɛn li)
a short- or long-sleeved pullover sport shirt, usu. of cotton, with a round neckline and a buttoned neckline placket that is often covered with a flap. Also called Hen′ley shirt′.
[after a style traditionally worn by rowers at Henley-on-Thames]
References in classic literature ?
Henley were engaged in writing plays in Bournemouth they made a number of titles, hoping to use them in the future.
So he was well considered by his neighbors and had a comfortable house in Henley Street, built of rough plastered stone and dark strong wood work.
Years passed on, and the house in Henley Street grew ever more noisy with chattering tongues and pattering feet, until little Will had two sisters and two brothers to keep him company.
I'll take you to Jimmy's, and the Empire, and down the river, and to a match at Lord's, and to Henley if we're in time, and I'll take you to see my aunt
From Medmenham to sweet Hambledon Lock the river is full of peaceful beauty, but, after it passes Greenlands, the rather uninteresting looking river residence of my newsagent - a quiet unassuming old gentleman, who may often be met with about these regions, during the summer months, sculling himself along in easy vigorous style, or chatting genially to some old lock-keeper, as he passes through - until well the other side of Henley, it is somewhat bare and dull.
It was just before the Henley week, and they were going up in large numbers; some by themselves, some towing houseboats.
Philip was taken aback to find that most of them reminded him either of Henley or of Swinburne.
Then he discovered Henley and wrote a series of sea-poems on the model of "Hospital Sketches.
When we lived at Henley, Barnes's gander was stole by tinkers.
Then there was the little business of the Dormer house-boat at Henley last year.
25 October 2017 - US-based equity real estate investor Henley USA has acquired two New York, US properties located in Manhattan as part of its new brand Henley City Living, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 25, 2017-Henley USA Acquires 2 New York City Properties to Launch Henley City Living Brand