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n. pl. hen·leys
A collarless knit shirt with long or short sleeves and buttons extending partway down the front.

[After Henley, where such shirts were traditionally worn by crews rowing in the annual regatta held there.]


 (hĕn′lē) or Hen·ley-on-Thames (-ŏn-tĕmz′, -ôn-)
A town of south-central England west of London, noted for its annual rowing regatta (established 1839).


(Placename) a town in S England, in SE Oxfordshire on the River Thames: a riverside resort with an annual regatta. Pop: 10 513 (2001). Often shortened to: Henley


(ˈhɛn li)

a city in SE Oxfordshire, in S England: annual rowing regatta. 31,744.
Also called Hen′ley.
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She was born in Henley-on-Thames, England daughter of the late Frederick and Esther (Harris) Hughes and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida when she was seven years old and grew up there before moving to West Brookfield 63 years ago.
At her funeral in Henley-on-Thames, England, the last of her many destinations, her casket was brought to the church by a horse-drawn carriage as she had requested, and "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" was playing as it was carried into St.