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Henry II 1

King of England (1154-1189). The son of Princess Matilda, he founded the Plantagenet royal line and appointed Thomas à Becket as archbishop of Canterbury. His quarrels with Becket concerning the authority of the Crown over the Church led to the murder of the archbishop (1170).

Henry II 2

King of France (1547-1559). The son of Francis I, he regained Calais from the English (1558).

Henry II

1. (Biography) known as Henry the Saint. 973–1024, king of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor (1014–24): canonized in 1145
2. (Biography) 1133–89, first Plantagenet king of England (1154–89): extended his Anglo-French domains and instituted judicial and financial reforms. His attempts to control the church were opposed by Becket
3. (Biography) 1519–59, king of France (1547–59); husband of Catherine de' Medici. He recovered Calais from the English (1558) and suppressed the Huguenots
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Noun1.Henry II - king of France from 1547 to 1559Henry II - king of France from 1547 to 1559; regained Calais from the English; husband of Catherine de Medicis and father of Charles IX (1519-1559)
Valois - French royal house from 1328 to 1589
2.Henry II - first Plantagenet King of England; instituted judicial and financial reforms; quarreled with archbishop Becket concerning the authority of the Crown over the church (1133-1189)
Plantagenet, Plantagenet line - the family name of a line of English kings that reigned from 1154 to 1485
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He said there was much false Henri II ware around, but that the genuineness of this piece was unquestionable.
The Valois-Saint-Remy, who descended from Henri II.
There is the Paris of Catherine de Medicis at the Tuileries;*--the Paris of Henri II.
Address : 520 Alle Henri Ii De Montmorency - Cs 69007 34064 Montpellier Cedex 2
In sections on antiquity, Byzantium and the middle ages, and the early modern age, they consider such aspects as speeches of historians and historiographical criticism: Timaeus' speeches in Polybius; Book XII, a medieval anthology: Juan Fernandez de Heredia's Cr nica Troyana, Henri II Estienne's Conciones siue orationes ex Graecis Latinisque historicis excerptae, oratory and political debate in the last decades of the Roman Republic: Cassius Dio's reconstruction with some notes from Remigo Nannini's Orationi Militari, and the Tresor des livres d'Amadis as an anthology of speeches.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Today, on the occasion of the recent election, an excerpt from the famous pamphlet of Eetienne de la Boetie (1530-1563) in which he attacks French King Henri II, the infamous oppressor of French Protestants.
But, four pages later, in the section "Le marche", during the meeting of Spifame --"the king of France"--and the real king Henri II, the narrator changes his opinion underlining that:
Chang and Kong commence with a detailed Introduction that summarises Catherine's access of forms of power during the reigns of her husband, Henri II, and sons, Francois II, Charles IX, and Henri III.
3), one of the most illustrious of the Limoges enamellers who worked for both Francis I and Henri II.
The story is framed by scenes leading up to Mary's execution in 1587, so the reader always knows her ultimate fate, but the main part of the narrative begins 29 years earlier with Mary's life at the French court of Henri II and Catherine de Medici.
The publication in 2003 of La France des Humanistes: Henri II Estienne editeur et ecrivain, by Judit Kesckemeti, Helene Cazes, and Benedicte Boudou (Turnhout, Brepols) has facilitated the study of Estienne's prefaces and focused attention on works like the one being reviewed here.
At his death in 1559, Henri II and his consort Catherine de Medici had several sons.