Henry Hobson Richardson

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Noun1.Henry Hobson Richardson - United States architect (1838-1886)Henry Hobson Richardson - United States architect (1838-1886)
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founder George Bella, AIA has been awarded the Henry Hobson Richardson Award for contribution to the quality of public architecture in the NY community.
His pioneering research into late 19th-century American domestic architecture, connecting the work of Henry Hobson Richardson and McKim, Mead & White to that of Frank Lloyd Wright, led him to see things differently.
In fact, it's the only American city besides Chicago that boasts buildings from the trinity of great American architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and Henry Hobson Richardson. Still, we forgive outsiders for not knowing that.
McKim and White served their apprenticeships with Henry Hobson Richardson, the leading American architect of his time, who was decisively formed by his own Parisian training and who built superbly in the Romanesque style.
Led by artist Frederic Edwin Church, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and architect Henry Hobson Richardson, Free Niagara saved the falls from being almost exclusively used for industrial and commercial purposes.