Henry Hudson

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Noun1.Henry Hudson - English navigator who discovered the Hudson RiverHenry Hudson - English navigator who discovered the Hudson River; in 1610 he attempted to winter in Hudson Bay but his crew mutinied and set him adrift to die (1565-1611)
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In 1611, Henry Hudson was on his second trip to the New World, seeking a shortcut through North America to the riches of the Orient.
The race includes a 1.5 kilometer swim in the Hudson River, 40 kilometer bike on the Henry Hudson Parkway and 10 kilometer run in Central Park.
When Jonah and Katherine are sent back to 1611 to return Henry Hudson's son, John, to his proper time and place, everything goes wrong: a missing child, a confused time period, and friends who still need rescuing from 1610.
As part of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage into the river that now bears his name, a conference was called in 2009 to augment the many events focusing on history by considering the interplay of human activities with the Hudson River watershed.
Most judges dismissed lawsuits challenging the law's individual mandate to buy health insurance, but Eastern District of Virginia Judge Henry Hudson struck down the mandate.
In 2005, Castle Village's 70-foot-high retaining wall above the river and the Henry Hudson Parkway collapsed, causing significant damage.
A federal judge in Virginia, Henry Hudson, struck down the individual mandate provision of PPACA as unconstitutional last December.
In December, judge Henry Hudson struck down the mandate in Commonwealth of Virginia v.
Republicans thought Christmas had come early when federal judge Henry Hudson struck down Obamacare's individual health-insurance mandate, ruling that it did not meet the constitutional test for regulating interstate commerce.
Rightist media scarcely mentioned those decisions at the time they occurred but now are praising to the heavens the decision by Virginia District Court Judge Henry Hudson.
Clarke recalled that he had also visited a gold foundry where he met a timid man in charge of a glittering fortune, the model for his Henry Hudson character.
Weaver's tale is built around English explorer Henry Hudson and his four major sea voyages from 1607 to 1611.