Billy the Kid

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Bil·ly the Kid

See William H. Bonney.

Billy the Kid

(Biography) nickname of William H. Bonney. 1859–81, US outlaw

Bil′ly the Kid′

(William H. Bonney) 1859–81, U.S. outlaw.
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NYT Syndicate THE KID by Ron Hansen (Scribner) Hansen sifts through lore to tell the story of Henry McCarty, a precocious young adult with a taste for gambling and violence who tore through the West " and is better known to us as Billy the Kid.
Born William Henry McCarty, Billy the Kid was said to have shot his first victim at the age of 17.
In the wild west, how was Henry McCarty better known?
New Mexico historian Frank Parrish, of Las Cruces- who revealed the new image, made from a tintype owned by a Mesilla Valley man who wishes to remain anonymous- claimed that the man standing at the right end of the picture is the legendary gunfighter who was also known as William Henry McCarty Jr.
The short but savage battle made a celebrity of a man named Henry McCarty, also known as Billy the Kid, however Susan McSween, was also a major participant in the battle.
Although To Hell on a Fast Horse is firmly situated within the landscape of the mythic American West, Gardner's narrative reveals new information about Billy the Kid (aka Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim, and William Bonney), Pat Garrett, and their complicated relationship.
It was not clear what Koch might do with the 5-by-8-centimeter tintype -- the only known adult portrait of the legendary outlaw known as William Bonney, Henry Antrim, Henry McCarty or just "the Kid.
Wallace era gobernador de Nuevo Mexico cuando tuvo el caso de un joven pistolero llamado Henry McCarty, llamado William Bonney, llamado Billy the Kid.
The Kid (whose real name was either Henry McCarty or William H.
Born in 1859, Henry McCarty lived by the gun and died by the gun at the tender age of 22, shot dead by another Wild West legend, Sheriff Pat Garrett.
New Mexico state legislator Ben Rios said it was time to forgive Henry McCarty - also known as William Bonney or Billy the Kid - who killed several lawmen at a time when six-gun showdowns were part of day-to-day life.
Footitt of Moorpark, the company's president and vice president, respectively; John Henry McCarty of Topanga; Conrad Ray Carriker of Mokapu, Hawaii; and CTF Enterprises, doing business as Express Office Supply.