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a.1.(Anat.) Of or pertaining to the liver and gall bladder; as, the hepatocystic ducts.
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These injuries usually occur in patients who have acute or chronic inflammation that obscures normal anatomic planes in the hepatocystic triangle or when the common bile duct is anatomically misidentified14.
The hepatocystic triangle was dissected, which is the ventral aspect of the area bounded by the gallbladder wall and cystic duct, the liver edge and the common hepatic duct; the cystic artery (And hence Calot's triangle) lies within this space.
Because these phosphatases are involved in the functional dynamics of hepatocystic cytoskeletons, their inhibition causes a disarrangement of the cell cytoskeleton, causing the death of these cells, leading to intrahepatic hemorrhage and sometimes causing death (Carmichael, 1992; Mackintosh et al.
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