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a.1.(Med.) Arising from the liver; due to a condition of the liver; as, hepatogenic jaundice.
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Differentiated human adipose-derived stem cells exhibit hepatogenic capability in vitro and in vivo.
Phototoxic dermatitis (DFS), also known as hepatogenic or secondary photosensitization, is defined as skin sensitivity to sunlight due to the presence of photodynamic agents (1) in severe cases of photosensitive dermatitis.
Nonetheless, expression of the hepatic nuclear factor-4 (HNF 4) as an endodermal marker and a key regulator of hepatogenic fate is controversial.
29) The current investigation also showed that HWJMSCs expressed early- and mid-liver-specific genes, such as CK19, CK18, albumin, and AFP when they were cultured for long-term without any hepatogenic supplementation.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Hepatogenic, Hepatoprotective and Metabolic stimulant powder, Each gram containing Himsra 0.
Methods: Human WJ-MSCs were extracted, cultured and expanded; after approximately 95% of confluence, the cells were treated with hepatogenic media containing RA.
Only those patients who did not have any previous history of pregnancy, and did not experience cardiac, renal, pulmonary, hepatogenic, or metabolic diseases and thus, GA or SA was not medically contraindicated for them, were included in the study.
Characterization and hepatogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from human amniotic fluid and human bone marrow: a comparative study.
The hepatogenic and chondrogenic differentiations showed morphologic changes of ASCs into the polygonal/flattened and rounder/cuboidal shaped cells, respectively.
Today, hepatogenic differentiation of stem cells has created trust and promise for use of these cells in hepatic tissue engineering and liver replacement.