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 (hĕp′bûrn′), Audrey Originally Audrey Kathleen Ruston. 1929-1993.
Belgian-born American actress whose film credits include Roman Holiday (1953), for which she won an Academy Award, and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).


, Katharine Houghton 1907-2003.
American actress whose unique comedic and dramatic presence marks many motion pictures, including The Philadelphia Story (1940), Adam's Rib (1949), and The African Queen (1951). She received a record-setting four Academy Awards for Best Actress.


1. (Biography) Audrey. 1929–93, US actress, born in Belgium. Her films include Roman Holiday (1955), Funny Face (1957), and My Fair Lady (1964)
2. (Biography) Katharine. 1907–2003, US film actress, whose films include The Philadelphia Story (1940), Adam's Rib (1949), The African Queen (1951), The Lion in Winter (1968) for which she won an Oscar, and On Golden Pond (1981)



1. Audrey (Eda van Heemstra), 1929–93, U.S. actress, born in Belgium.
2. Katharine, born 1909, U.S. actress.
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Noun1.Hepburn - United States film actress who appeared in many films with Spencer Tracy (1907-2003)Hepburn - United States film actress who appeared in many films with Spencer Tracy (1907-2003)
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It is my opinion the fiddler David must have been an insipid sort of fellow; I like black Bothwell better: to my mind a man is nothing without a spice of the devil in him; and history may say what it will of James Hepburn, but I have a notion, he was just the sort of wild, fierce, bandit hero whom I could have consented to gift with my hand.
During her expansive career Hepburn was awarded four Academy Awards for Best Actress for the films Morning Glory in 1933, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner in 1967, The Lion in Winter in 1968, and On Golden Pond in 1981, She became a best-selling author upon publication of her first book, The Making of The African Queen: Or, How I Went to Africa With Bogart, Bacall and Huston and Almost Lost My Mind.
SPENCER Tracy once hit Katharine Hepburn in the face during a drunken row, a new book claims.
Audrey Hepburn, most pleasing to the eye, is the subject of a new book by her son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer.
A last point: in 'The Wives' Lamentation' when all the drunkard's money 'goes up against the wall' I'm sure that rather than being 'totted up on the wall of the bar' (as Hepburn suggests) it is transferred by way of the bladder.
Hepburn won four Oscars - the most any individual actor has won - for "Morning Glory" in 1933 (only her third movie), "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" in 1967, "A Lion in Winter" in 1968 and "On Golden Pond" in 1981.
He would never divorce his first wife, but Hepburn and Tracy were together for 27 years and jointly appeared in 10 films.
The Bridgend songstress, who had a Top 10 hit as lead singer of Hepburn two years ago, has ditched the indie band and gone for a stunning new look aimed firmly at the adult pop market.
The death of Conservative James Hill on 15 October necessitated a by-election that Hepburn sensed would be a perfect opportunity to test the political climate in the aftermath of his divisive school tax amendments.
After Audrey Hepburn died in 1993, just shy of her 63rd birthday, her son Sean Ferrer was approached by the mayor of Tolochenaz.
His mother, Susan Hepburn, told the hearing she and her son had talked on the phone the day before about the fact a former colleague of Mr Hepburn had recently been killed in an accident.