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n. Slang
A performer or devotee of swing and jazz, especially during the 1940s.


(Jazz) obsolete slang a person who is hep, esp a player or admirer of jazz and swing in the 1940s



n. Older Slang.
1. a performer or admirer of jazz, esp. swing.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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Nothing else able to cipher siphon possible meanings any crazy dictionaries, hip cats tongueless hepcats this morning are you really as crazy as this seems?
At first glance New York's coolest, smoothest hepcats, the Fun Lovin' Criminals, looked a strange choice for a brass festival, yet a specially configured version of the band was assembled especially for the show and within seconds of hitting the stage it all made perfect sense.
Dance2Swing will be back, along with the D25 HepCats,'' Ms.
It probably would have fared better commercially back then, but this breezy tale of Los Angeles hepcats, shot in retro-cool black-and-white, is enjoyable enough to attract scattered niche sales in all formats, possibly enhancing theatrical gigs by tying them to live musical ones.
And hepcats wrapped themselves in the clothing of joy.
At the groovier shindigs, the hepcats will never wear ties - no way, daddio - and the squares can taste that same hip vibe by removing theirs.
LISTEN up all you hepcats and hipsters, allyouace facesandsoulshakers - if you're like me and love the vintage sound of the Hammond organ, then tonight is your lucky night.
There was a time when hash and skunk were sold here from 40 stalls in an open-air market staffed by knowledgeable hepcats.
A veteran of Seth Lakeman's group The Ralfe Band and several more outfits, Ben's self-produced album grabs the spirit of Dick Dale, Link Wray and a whole bunch of rockabilly hepcats.
Billed as a Mod and Northern Soul bar, it boasts a 60s style jukebox crammed with all the hits that had the hepcats clicking their fingers all those years ago.
Enjoy an evening of Flamenco music, song and dance, along with Persian belly dancers, salsa dance exhibitions and a performance by the Houston Hepcats.
The precociously talented 69-year-old says that he will soon be getting down and with it with the young SDLP hepcats and is looking forward to his first public event - a performance by a modern beat combo followed by a hop at a Downpatrick discotheque.