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(ˈhɛf zə bə, -sə-)

1. the wife of Hezekiah and the mother of Manasseh. II Kings 21:1.
2. a name applied to Jerusalem, possibly as denoting its prophesied restoration to the Jews after the Babylonian captivity. Isa. 62:4.
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"Say, Miss Pollyanna, do you mean--was you playin' that 'ere game THEN--about my bein' glad I wa'n't named Hephzibah'?"
"My mother's name was Hephzibah," said Silas, "and my little sister was named after her."
On this day, it starts with a melodious hum from Hephzibah Shalom, the eldest child of Mr and Mrs Mutonga.
The company is also opening Public Storage 4108A Windsor Spring Road, Hephzibah, Georgia 30815, with nearly 550 outdoor, drive-up storage units in five buildings.
Ansun Sujoe, a 2014 co-champion whose sister Hephzibah reached this year's finals, said that just five years later, he barely recognizes the event.
On the main stage today is: ?Noon: Mandulu and Hephzibah ?12.45pm: Uncut ?1.30pm: Sprog Rock ?2.15pm: Audio Rayz ?3pm: Sprog Rock ?3.45pm: Stepz ?4.45pm: Stepz ?5.45pm : Little Mix Magic ?6.45pm: Simply Ariana and ?8pm: Esperanza.
WHO was often accompanied in his violin recitals by his sister Hephzibah? WHAT alcoholic drink is used to make lobster Newburg?
Kumaran Palanisamy, Hephzibah David, Sivasankari Ranganathan (Mar 2014) Pre -Treatment of Sewage Sludge to Enhance Biogas Production to Generate Green Energy Biogas Production for Reduction of Carbon Footprint in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).
(OTC: OPTi), a subsidiary of Optimized Fuel Technologies, is planning to establish Optec Korea as a joint venture with Hephzibah.
Bonnie Johnson (Hephzibah, Ga.) had a nice day herself, capturing one title and finishing runner-up for another.