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a.1.Neat; fit; comfortable.
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* adult relationships and connections (Bloom, 2010; Cooper, Ponder, Merritt & Matthews, 2005; Fleischman & Heppen, 2009; Martin & Halperin, 2006; Treskon, 2016; & Zammitt & Anderson-Ketchmark, 2011)
"The Saudis are showing blatant enmity towards Iran in the region and even the Saudi foreign minister has recently said that they shouldn't allow economic opening heppen for Iran," he added.
Jessica Heppen, principal research analyst at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), is currently leading one of the only independent analyses of the effectiveness of online credit recovery courses.
Author(s): Faria, Ann-Marie; Greenberg, Ariela; Meakin, John; Bichay, Krystal; Heppen, Jessica
condolences over the death of the shepherd and had expressed hope that no such things would heppen in the future.
Peggy Clements, research scientist at Education Development Center, and Jessica Heppen, principal research analyst at the American Institutes for Research, were coprincipal investigators of the study Access to Algebra I: The Effects of Online Mathematics for Grade 8 Students, published by the US Department of Education in December 2011.
Initial investigation into the origins of implicit attitudes assumed that they reflect highly stable responses shaped through long-term socialization experiences (e.g., Olson & Dunham, in press; Rudman, Phelan, & Heppen, 2007).
Story by ET1 Gary Heppen, Commander Submarine Group 9, Bangor, Wash.
Rachel Heppen, Kim Long, Gerry Cushing and Martha Shadan (4) Virginia LaGanke, Melanie Waldron and Rebecca Berenson-Rosenblum (5) Elizabeth and Charles O'Connor III (6) Dexter and Barbara Morse
"The disadvantage is that if taken in quantity, it can have a laxative effect, but you would need to have quite a lot for that to heppen.