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 (hĕp′əl-wīt′, -hwīt′)
Of, relating to, being, or imitating an English style of furniture of the late 1700s, characterized by its light, graceful lines, the use of concave curves, and the shield or heart backs of its chairs.

[After George Hepplewhite.]


(Antiques) of, denoting, or made in a style of ornamental and carved 18th-century English furniture, of which oval or shield-shaped open chairbacks are characteristic
[C18: named after George Hepplewhite (1727–86), English cabinetmaker]


(ˈhɛp əlˌʰwaɪt, -ˌwaɪt)

1. George, died 1786, English furniture designer.
2. of or in the style of late 18th-century English furniture associated with George Hepplewhite, characterized by graceful curving lines and neoclassical motifs.
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However, the game burst into life soon after as Cestrians striker Michael Hepplewhite struck the near-post with a powerful drive.
Rod Hepplewhite, director of Prism Planning, said the approved application represents the changes in market conditions, and the benefits of adopting a considered approach through early engagement with stakeholders.
Michael Hepplewhite scored twice as Chester-le-Street continued their rise to safety with a 5-1 hammering of bottom-ofthe-table Alnwick Town.
75lb and Davy Collinson and Theresa Hepplewhite taking ling of 15.
An 18th-century Hepplewhite elbow chair in the manner of John Linnell, a maker that is both highly-collectable and rarely available for sale, sold at PS3,600.
I chanced upon it thanks to dealer David Harvey, who sent me details of an extraordinary piece of Hepplewhite furniture made to a design known as "Mrs Rudd's Dressing Table".
Bulhan is also charged with the attempted murder of Martin Hoenisch, Lillie Selletin, David Imber, Bernard Hepplewhite and Yovel Lewronski, who were all injured in the same attack.
Crafted in the Hepplewhite style that was popular in this country during the Federal period, all pieces were done in solid mahogany.
The real ear-opener of the evening was Martinu's Concertino for Piano Trio and String Orchestra, H232, in which Fan Yu was joined by his Hepplewhite Piano Trio colleagues Amy Littlewood and Hetti Price.
Kearney blocked a shot from Bulford when the striker was through one on one, only for the loose ball to fall to Michael Hepplewhite and the substitute applied a cool finish from outside the box.
Donald Stewart-Whyte, 23, of Hepplewhite Close, High Wycombe, has been acquitted on all charges.
The Quartet for the End of Time will be played by artists who first met at Birmingham Conservatoire - Daniel Sanford-Casey on clarinet, Anya Ovsyanikova on violin, Rebecca He wes on cello and Russell Hepplewhite on piano.