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1.A combining form from Gr. "epta`, seven.
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With the World Cup returning to Asia in 2022, it is the perfect timing for the next golden generation to bring home the sixth title, what we call in Brazil the hepta.
Photographs from the Hepta 1966 yearbook at Pleasant Hill High School show Lynette Gandy as a smiling sophomore with bright eyes and a fashionable, chin-length pageboy bob.
He also spent time as a account manager at Publicis Hepta Groupe Belarus, overseeing account activities for global brands such as Samsung, PepsiCo and Volkswagen.
Table 4: Pesticide residues (in [micro]g/kg dry weight) in bean leaves collected from two locations, in duplicate, in the Dridji region in the Republic of Benin Location op'-DDE pp'-DDE op'-DDD pp'-DDD Kindogon 1 <2 70 19 54 Kindogon 2 7 123 53 116 Daanonkpota 1 <2 143 90 126 Daanonkpota 2 <2 205 135 357 [alpha]-endo- Location op'-DDT pp'-DDT [SIGMA]DDT sulfan Kindogon 1 49 82 274 23 Kindogon 2 88 165 552 28 Daanonkpota 1 111 250 720 106 Daanonkpota 2 252 402 1351 210 Location dieldrin lindane Hcbenz Hepta Kindogon 1 <9 <9 3 <2 Kindogon 2 12 10 3 <2 Daanonkpota 1 20 <6 3 7 Daanonkpota 2 32 90 <2 <2 [alpha]-endo is [alpha]-endosulfan; Hcbenz = hexachlorobenzene; Hepta=Heptachlor.
CN is measured by comparing the ignition delay of the tested fuel with the reference fuel mixtures, namely n-cetane and hepta methylnonane (15 CN).
Cabe destacar que ademas se basa en un sistema de puntacion doble, ya que, por un lado, se emplean puntos de corte para indicar la constatacion o no del acoso escolar y su intensidad y, por otro, se utiliza el sistema hepta que consiste en siete categorias de acoso, desde muy bajo a muy alto.
146) A close reading of the statute reveals, however, that unlike another HEPTA statute discussed infra, the notice need not be printed in bold type and colored paper need not be used.
Good examples of this phenomenon can be seen by comparing words in modern English with their ancient Greek counterparts: sun, helios; six, hex, seven, hepta etc.
At Hepta Piges, high in the hills, a clear lake fed by underground springs lies at the end of a 160- yard-long tunnel through the rock.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Ferrous Sulphate Hepta Hydrate
Concentrations of chlordanes (except c-chlordane), mirex, toxaphenes, and hepta and octa-chlorinated PCBs (PCBs 170, 180, 187, and 194) initially increased from 1979 to 1986, and then declined in subsequent years.
The polymers arranged in increasing order of their postirradiation wavelength at 50% transmittance are: poly[hepta-FBMA) [less than] poly[75% hepta, 25% hexa-FBMA) [less than] poly(50% hepta, 50% hexa-FBMA) [less than] poly (25% hepta, 75% hexa-FBMA) [less than] poly(hexa-FBMA) [less than] PMMA.