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Relating to or being a hydrocarbon unit, C7H15, that can occur as a substituent in an organic compound or as an ion or radical.
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Synergistic in vitro cytotoxicity of adociaquinone B and heptyl prodigiosin against MCF-7 breast cancer cell line.
BASF will convert production from its current general-purpose plasticizer, Palatinol DPHP (dipropyl heptyl phthalate) and DINP (di-isononyl phthalate), to Palatinol DOTP at the facility.
EmolteneT 100, a CIO plasticizer (di-propyl heptyl phthalate, DPHP), is one of the thoroughly tested phthalate plasticizers on the market.
The most significant synergistic effect was observed for heptyl gallate (8, FIC = 0.
Heptyl butyrate, a new synthetic attractant for yellowjackets.
Synthetic multimeric heptyl mannosides as potent antiadhesives of uropathogenic Escherichia coli.
2[infinity]] H600 pentaerythritol esters of fatty acids H707 pentaerythritol esters of fatty acids HNUP heptyl nonyl undecyl phthalate HNUP heptyl nonyl undecyl phthalate [k.
There was 600 tons of highly toxic heptyl, amyl and kerosene rocket fuels on board, according to Talgat Musabaev, the head of Kazakhstan's space agency.
Quoting a Kazakh security source, Interfax said around 170 tonnes of heptyl, a highly toxic rocket propellant, were burning at the scene.
The rocket carried 600 tonnes of kerosene, heptyl and amyl which are highly poisonous components of rocket fuel, said the head of the Kazakh space agency, Talgat Musabayev.