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 (hîr′ə) also He·re (hîr′ē)
n. Greek Mythology
The goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth; the wife and sister of Zeus.
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(ˈhɪərə) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the queen of the Olympian gods and sister and wife of Zeus. Roman counterpart: Juno
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(ˈhɪər ə, ˈhɛr ə)

an ancient Greek goddess, the wife and sister of Zeus: identified by the Romans with Juno.
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Noun1.Hera - queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythologyHera - queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology; sister and wife of Zeus remembered for her jealously of the many mortal women Zeus fell in love with; identified with Roman Juno
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[ˈhɪərə] nEra
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Thence they arise and go abroad by night, veiled in thick mist, and utter their song with lovely voice, praising Zeus the aegis- holder and queenly Hera of Argos who walks on golden sandals and the daughter of Zeus the aegis-holder bright-eyed Athene, and Phoebus Apollo, and Artemis who delights in arrows, and Poseidon the earth-holder who shakes the earth, and reverend Themis and quick-glancing (1) Aphrodite, and Hebe with the crown of gold, and fair Dione, Leto, Iapetus, and Cronos the crafty counsellor, Eos and great Helius and bright Selene, Earth too, and great Oceanus, and dark Night, and the holy race of all the other deathless ones that are for ever.
And again she bore a third, the evil-minded Hydra of Lerna, whom the goddess, white-armed Hera nourished, being angry beyond measure with the mighty Heracles.
453-491) But Rhea was subject in love to Cronos and bare splendid children, Hestia (18), Demeter, and gold-shod Hera and strong Hades, pitiless in heart, who dwells under the earth, and the loud-crashing Earth-Shaker, and wise Zeus, father of gods and men, by whose thunder the wide earth is shaken.
And it was here that, guarded by a dreadful dragon, grew the golden apples which Earth gave to Hera on her marriage with Zeus.
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