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or Her·a·kles  (hĕr′ə-klēz′)
n. Greek & Roman Mythology
Variants of Hercules..


(ˈhɛrəˌkliːz) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) the usual name (in Greek) for Hercules1
ˌHeraˈclean, ˌHeraˈklean adj


(ˈhɜr kyəˌliz)

n. gen. -cu•lis (-kyə lɪs)
for 2.
1. a hero of classical myth, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, who possessed exceptional strength and was renowned esp. for the 12 labors he performed to gain immortality.
2. a northern constellation, between Lyra and Corona Borealis.
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Noun1.Heracles - (classical mythology) a hero noted for his strengthHeracles - (classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength; performed 12 immense labors to gain immortality
classical mythology - the system of mythology of the Greeks and Romans together; much of Roman mythology (especially the gods) was borrowed from the Greeks


[ˈherəˌkliːz] NHeracles
References in classic literature ?
They imagine that as Heracles was one man, the story of Heracles must also be a unity.
His consistent performances in the engine room earned the energetic and tough-tackling midfielder a move to Dutch top flight outfit Heracles.
Heracles have some good attacking players with Reuven Niemeijer on six league goals this season and Brandley Kuwas third in the top flight's assists table with seven so they look capable of grabbing a consolation goal.
Take another dialogue between the Kleophrades Painter and the Berlin Painter, involving scenes of Heracles and Apollo struggling for the Delphic tripod.
The move to Groningen will bring a reunion with midfielder Bryan Linssen, who was among his teammates at Heracles.
We gave Heracles too much space in the second half and made the field too big.
COOL FINISH: Carl Baker fires City in front with an inchperfect free kick (above); Billy Daniels evades a challenge from Cristan Dorda of Heracles (left); and Franck Moussa gets away from two Heracles players.
1, however, came to the rescue three times early after the break when Heracles wasted a number of clear-cut chances, two of which came as a result of midfielder Adam Barton being robbed in possession.
Entre estas "genealogias politicas" de la mitologia ferecidea, que privilegian las connotaciones atenienses y filaidas (13), se encuentra tambien una amplia seccion dedicada a Heracles, a su descendencia y a sus trabajos.
However, it transpires that at the very moment when Neoptolemus and Philoctetes are poised to leave for Meliboea in Thessaly, deified Heracles (3) unexpectedly breezes onto the stage to tackle the gridlock (Phil 1409-44).
Heracles was the most famous of the Greek heroes, and his name, which means, "Glory of Hera," honors the queen of all the gods.
La antiguedad de estas practicas puede ser la explicacion de algunas nociones comunes a las diferentes culturas, como por ejemplo: la de un agradable lugar de acogida para los justos (la montaria Dilmun, entre los sumerioacadios; el Eden, entre los mesopotamicos; los campos del Lalu, entre los egipcios; los Campos Eliseos, entre los griegos); o la del descenso a los infiernos con intencion soteriologica, bien en la funcion vegetal de los dioses (la Innana sumeria, el Marduk babilonico, el Osiris egipcio, el Megistos Kouros cretense, el Adonis sirio, el Atis frigio, la Persefone griega), bien en la iniciacion grupal o la catarsis individual de los heroes (Odiseo, Eneas, Heracles, Teseo, los Dioscuros, Orfeo).