Herbert George

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 (hûr′bərt), George 1593-1633.
Welsh-born English metaphysical poet whose works, including "The Collar" (1633), are religious in theme and marked by rich symbolism and inventive meter.
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The soldiers, including two Marines, are:- Edwin Blunn, William Connolly, Herbert George Dawson, James Tyrer Dickinson, Leonard Dickinson, Harry Easthope, Richard Edwards, Henry Herbert Jonathan Fardon, Donald Ferguson, pe, | Old Colwyn War Memorial Albert Gardiner, Walter Gawthorpe, Cedric Harrop, Ernest Aneurin Jones, Edward Parry Jones, Howell Edwin Jones, Owen Jones, Stanley Cotmore Jones, Henry Norman Kay, James Arthur Leach, John Alun Pritchard, Harry Talbot, John Alfred Wilson, Frederick James Wood.
Charles George, age 31, and Osman George, age 22, were later joined by 18-year-old Herbert George. In addition to their parents, the brothers sent letters home to three sisters and another brother, Jeremiah (Jere).
Yep, announced Herbert George, we were being scrutinised by and studied by intellects "vast, cool and unsympathetic".
The Reverend John Herbert George Bunker was well known for his work in churches across the region.
Photo tricks of the light THE stunning photos of Captain Scott, Birdie and the rest of the team were taken by Herbert George Ponting.
GILBERT KEITH CHESTERON and Herbert George Wells, together with George Bernard Shaw, were the three most famous writers of Edwardian England.
BOSTON Herbert George "Herb" Seaman died early in February after a long struggle with multiple health problems.
Herbert George Wells was born in 1866, during the prim and proper reign of Queen Victoria.
H contexto en el que este ensayo fue escrito y publicado, en 1925, es el de la publicacion del Esquema de la Historia, de Herbert George Wells.
"We're finally acknowledging the reason for the doodles with an official nod to Herbert George, who would be 143 years old today," the Telegraph quoted Google as saying.