Hercules' club

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Her·cu·les' club

1. A spiny tree or shrub (Aralia spinosa) of the eastern United States, having bipinnately compound leaves and large panicles of small white flowers. Also called angelica tree, devil's walking stick, prickly ash.
2. A spiny shrub or tree (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) of the central and southeast United States, having pinnately compound leaves and terminal panicles of small greenish-yellow flowers. Also called pepperwood.

[After the spiny club of Hercules.]
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From a Freudian stance, for Rosenthal, Omphale is the phallic woman who evokes fears of castration as she presses down on Hercules' club. Rosenthal reads Hercules' distaff as a phallic symbol as well, and the image as a whole as the loss and recovery of masculinity.