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n.1.A book containing the list and pedigrees of one or more herds of choice breeds of cattle; - also called herd record, or herd register.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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However, every Aberdeen-Angus sire in the herdbook must now be DNA tested - a move which could, in theory, allow a consumer to identify the Aberdeen-Angus sire of the piece of meat they are eating.
"The society publishes The Chimes magazine, maintains a genealogical record of the breed through the herdbook and promotes breeders and owners.
The type of registry most people are familiar with is the traditional "closed herdbook." For an animal to qualify for registration, both sire and dam must also be registered.
Genetic variability in Mexican fighting bull herd from herdbook information.
"It is a significant investment in the breed's future and is indicative of the society's on-going intent to encourage breeders to be selective and drive continuous breed improvement in the British Limousin Herdbook."
Some composites have their own breed associations, with herdbook and registration of association members' cattle.
He succeeds Michel Baudot, president of Herdbook Charolais, the French Charolais breeders' association .
Genetic and environmental trends in German swine herdbook populations.
Charolais have an open herdbook, which means that crossbred animals can be registered.
Such animals are registered or eligible for registry in the official herdbook of the breed.
THE Gretnahouse Charolais herd of Alasdair Houston has been recognised with the Harman Charolais Genetic Improvement Award 2014 for making the greatest genetic progress both in Scotland and within the entire British Charolais Herdbook during the last 12 months.
This animal is eligble for full herdbook status if it meets the DBCAA requirements.