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A woman who herds, tends, or manages livestock.
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The young herdswoman attended the fair with her two sisters, Tiffany, 9, and Megan, 13, who also showed cattle; her 17-year old brother Keith was also along, as were her parents, Rhonda and David Howe, owners of Misty River View Farm.
Our herdswoman Linda knows all our alpacas by name.
The writer's drolly titled work-in-progress, "Breastwords," about her relationship with a Masai herdswoman named Mbala, is unlike any book Connie has edited.
They're pictured with Kevin's dad Glyn, calf rearer Dominika Rabcewicz and herdswoman Janet Fowles
I had expected the large goat shed to honk but it is entirely fresh smelling in here, thanks to herdswoman Jemma Francis, whose day starts at 4.
And you have to have practical experience, so when I left school I was a herdswoman on a dairy farm for a year, milking cows.
I loved watching the woman who signed her Persian cat's name before her own on letters, the bloke who took his barn owl down his local for a pint, and the alpaca herdswoman who proved that if you spend too much time with your pets you end up looking like them.
Runners up for this year's NFU Cymru/Principality Building Society award, now in its 18th year, were Maureen Hedley, an assistant herdswoman for a 200-cow dairy herd in Pembrokeshire, and Meinir Evans, of Cwmfran Fawr, Llandovery.
The final nominee is Maureen Hedley, a herdswoman for a 200-cow dairy in Pembrokeshire, who also travelled to Aberystwyth University to complete an agriculture degree.