Here's my card

Here's my card   
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I usually say, "Just order me something; here's my card."
Here's my card. If anything ever changes, please give me a call." Then you change the subject.
Here's my card, and do you have a card?" In Betty's world, that's networking.
When I hit my fourth shot, he just came up and said, 'Here's my card. I'm out of here.'"
Men are much better at going out and saying 'I'm Joe, here's my card.' Women have to be taught that and encouraged."
Here's my card. May I have yours?" He was smiling as he handed me the card.
I told him, "No, never even thought about it," and he said, "Well, here's my card. If you'd ever like to get into the business, give me a call."
'On the first tee yesterday Padraig said to me 'Michael, here's my card. Do a proper job this time."
He hops out, introduces himself, compliments the job they're doing, and says, in effect, "If you know anyone who's thinking of replacing their windows or awnings, here's my card."
Her first lines are expected to be: 'Here's my card. Why don't you bling me?'
`Already been love, sorry.' `Why don't we talk later, here's my card.' `Thanks.' But ladies and gentlemen, I have The Natural Blonde at home.