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n.1.State of being hereditable.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The hereditability estimates for FCR were higher than the estimate of Aggrey et al [21].
Because the intensity of the NNE strike-slip fault activity is comparatively weak, the fracture scale is smaller and it does not have hereditability in the late period.
For dynamic scheduling, rescheduling should not only guarantee the rapid generation of a new adaptive population, but also guarantee the hereditability of well-adapted individuals in the population.
Hereditability studies conducted in several European countries showed that genetic factors were responsible for 26% to 69% of leiomyoma [29,30].
Current assay investigates the need for distinct selection programs for males and females by estimating co(variance) components, effects of a common environment, hereditability, genetic and phenotypic correlations for performance and morphometric traits of Nile tilapias in four different phases during the cultivation period.
Several findings attested to the one-dimensionality of positivity and corroborated previous findings regarding its stability, hereditability, ecological validity and generalizability across cultures (Alessandri et al., 2012; Caprara, Alessandri, Eisenberg, et al., 2012; Caprara, Alessandri, Trommsdorff, et al., 2012).
Since these deficits seem to represent a risk for developing abnormal drinking behaviour, alterations in serotonin transmission are thought to be more relevant to alcoholism type II, characterized by antisocial personality traits, higher hereditability and the early-onset form of the disease, compared to type I alcoholism, with anxious traits and social and late-onset (Cloninger et al., 1988).
Of course, that doesn't stop psychologists from tossing out these "hereditability estimates." So how do they come up with those figures?
Polimanti, "Copper hypothesis in the missing hereditability of sporadic alzheimer's disease: ATP7B gene as potential harbor of rare variants," Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol.