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Here·ford 1

 (hûr′fərd, hĕr′ə-fərd)
A city of western England northwest of Gloucester. It is noted for its medieval cathedral, which was begun in the 1100s.

Here·ford 2

 (hûr′fərd, hĕr′ə-fərd)
Any of a breed of beef cattle developed in England and having a reddish coat with white face, chest, belly, and lower legs.

[After Hereford, a former county of western England.]
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1. (Placename) a city in W England, in Herefordshire on the River Wye: trading centre for agricultural produce; cathedral (begun 1079). Pop: 56 373 (2001)
2. (Breeds) a hardy breed of beef cattle characterized by a red body, red and white head, and white markings
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(ˈhɜr fərd, ˈhɛr ə- for 1; ˈhɛr ə fərd for 3, 5 )

1. one of an English breed of beef cattle with a red coat and white face.
2. a city in Hereford and Worcester, in W England. 47,300.
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Noun1.Hereford - hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United StatesHereford - hardy English breed of dairy cattle raised extensively in United States
beef, beef cattle - cattle that are reared for their meat
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References in classic literature ?
The first was the Bishop of Hereford, and a fine figure he cut, I wot.
The Prior of Emmet and those that belonged to him gathered together like a flock of frightened sheep when the scent of the wolf is nigh, while the Bishop of Hereford, laying aside his book, crossed himself devoutly.
Then the Bishop of Hereford spoke hastily, "I, too, have no business here, and so will depart." And he made as though he would go.
Then at last jolly Robin turned to the Bishop of Hereford, who had been looking on at all that passed with a grim look.
Oxford and Drury Lane itself dispute the dignity of giving birth to Nell Gwynne with Hereford, where a mean house is still pointed out as the first home of this mother of a line of dukes, whose great-grandson was to occupy the neighbouring palace as Bishop of Hereford for forty years.
He then called for his bill with the utmost haste, declared he must be at Hereford that evening, lamented his great hurry of business, and wished he could divide himself into twenty pieces, in order to be at once in twenty places.
Rob's father had two other enemies besides Fitzwalter, in the persons of the lean Sheriff of Nottingham and the fat Bishop of Hereford. These three enemies one day got possession of the King's ear and whispered therein to such good--or evil--purpose that Hugh Fitzooth was removed from his post of King's Forester.
Next to the Sheriff's box was one occupied by the fat Bishop of Hereford; while in the other side was a box wherein sat a girl whose dark hair, dark eyes, and fair features caused Rob's heart to leap.
The Hereford Project will include approximately 30 miles of new 12-inch pipeline, as well as expanded capacity on the Pony Express system.
SOUTHPORT 1 HEREFORD FC 0 AFTER a scrappy first half devoid of any real chances of note for either side, the second period was much improved.
BUYERS at next month's Hereford sale could turn an extra profit with an unusual twist to the society's premier spring show.

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