v. t.1.To praise; to worship.
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Similar efforts to bridge the research-practice gap emerged again in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a response to demands for greater accountability in social work practice (Herie & Martin, 2002).
(14) Euclid Herie, Journey to Independence: Blindness--The Canadian Story (Toronto: Dundurn, 2005), 25-26.
Not only do social workers have an ethical responsibility to seek knowledge and use empirically validated interventions, but "the dissemination and utilization of social work knowledge increases the credibility and relevance of social work research within and outside the field" (Herie & Martin, 2002, p.
Heuenes and erpe herie him; pe see and alle crepinge beestis in po herie him.
Euclid Herie and Dean Tuttle were recently selected to join the 42 existing individuals of the Hall of Fame for Leaders and Legends of the Blindness Field, located at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).
Prevencion Estructurada de Recaidas (SRP; Annis, Herie & Watkin-Merek, 1996); traducido y adaptado al espanol para estudiantes universitarios con problemas sustanciales y severos de alcohol y drogas (Quiroga & Vital, 2003), los cuales se describen someramente a continuacion:
Effective models for disseminating evidence-based practice among addictions providers in Canada have been described by Martin, Herie, Turner, and Cunningham (1998) and Sobell (1996).
C HERIE said to me once: 'I'm going to make something of myself' - and she did.
Herie de Mastas summarized clearly the problems presented by an excessive number of diminutive seigneurial courts: [9]
Mission Sranamkondre diri kondre Joe wi lobbi nomre wan Heri libi tee na dedde Wi sa siengi foe Sranam Koenders (1946 onward) Sranankondre, dieri kondre Joe wi lobie nomroe wan Herie liebie te na dede Wie sa siengie foe Sranan Pee et al.
Serious efforts to promote online degree programs have evolved since that time (Abels, 2005; Beaulaurier, 2005; McFadden, Moore, Herie, & Schoech, 2005).